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Spriza Social Contest Platform


Spriza was a social contest platform that connected people to brands through contest marketing. The platform was built with a user login which allowed users to view contest recommended to them based on their personal settings, view contests they have already entered, share on social, send and manage their invites to friends to enter with them (which was a requirement to the functionality) and manage personal settings for future platform engagement. The platform also had a comprehensive back-end portal designed for businesses to launch, manage and receive performance analytics on their contests.

Spriza Website UI/UX


The design for spriza.com showcased hundreds of contests filtered by various categories. Based on the logistics of running contests within North America the user experience had pre-determined required functionality on entry intel captured, however utilising at the time a relatively new feature of social media synced login the platform automatically pulled as much user data as possible to streamline the entry process and minimise drop-off rates.

User Portal

Creating an account with Spriza took only a few of minutes and once registered they could set profile settings, including favourite brands, location and category of interests to receive recommended contests. They were able to view and manage entered contests, entry invites, and continue to share contests to increase their chances of winning.

Spriza User Portal UI/UX
Spriza Business Portal UI/UX

Business Back-end Portal

Businesses could create their Spriza account and have everything they needed to launch and effectively run their contests. From managing content details, imagery, legalities on entrants to receiving contest reporting including entrants profile data, entry questionnaire data and engagement analytics. Providing great value to businesses to receive consumer data profiling.

Services provided for project:

UI / UX Design

Through strategical thinking established the overarching user experience, flow and features / functionality for the contest platform and developed the UI/UX and interface design for the website, user and business portals.

Interface Design

Developed the overarching interface design for the platform with a focus on maximizing usability and the user experience. Ensured all designed elements were consistent and remained on brand to the Spriza style.

Web Design

Provided website 'skin' design and overarching graphic design elements for all aspects of the Spriza product, including the forward-facing website, customer user login contest portal and businesses back-end portal.

Graphic Production

Finalized all design elements required, produced optimized web-ready assets and worked closly with the web developer for optimal and consistent implementation of the user experience and designs during the development .

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