UI/UX and Design

Merchant Platform - Risk Management and Payment Processing


Vogogo built a platform to support its risk management and payment processing products. The objective of the platform was to allow merchants to effortlessly manage their customers, transactions and risk mitigation processes by providing them with leading-edge industry features and tools that were easy-to-use and would streamlined their time and cost on transaction management. Features of platform outlined below.

Vogogo Platform Dashboard


Merchants could effortlessly view and interact with the real-time dynamic reporting analysis data for overall risk verifications, payment transactions and be alerted on items that required immediate action to ensure their business had optimal and compliant risk management and transactional performance.

Configurable Risk Rules Engine

This was a feature-rich section of the platform with multi-layered functionality that would allow Merchants to adjust and manage their risk verification rules settings in real-time. As there are hundereds of rules one merchant could configure the UI/UX had to be developed for the most simplistic interaction.

Vogogo Platform Risk Engine
Vogogo Platform Customers

Customers and Transactions

Each customer profile articulated their KYC information, transactional volumes, account history, risk viability score and detailed verification results performed. Merchants used this data for customer support and to detect patterns and manage their exposure to fraud. For example, customers who would interact with a high-risk score could be subject to additional verifications, lower risk payment methods and transactional volumes.

Transaction Reports

Each and every customer transaction request received a detailed transactional report. This report highlighted risk score, approval or declined recommendation, payment method, currency, amount, customer details and detailed results of verifications performed. These reports and the system features allowed merchants to compile directly and submit data to their appropriate regulatory bodies to stay compliant.

Vogogo Platform Reports

Services provided for project:

UI / UX Design

Worked with the CTO and Head of Product to strategies on features. Established the UI/UX to incorporate the comprehensive functionality and produce an experience that was focused on ease and simplicity.

Interface Design

Developed the overarching interface design with a focus on maximizing usability and ensuring all designed elements were consistent and remained on brand to the Vogogo style.

Graphic Production

Finalized all design elements, produced web-ready assets and worked closly with the software engineers for optimal and consistent implementation of the user experience and designs.

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